The objective of Peabody Youth Hockey is to provide to the youth of Peabody the opportunity to learn and play the sport of ice hockey in a safe and controlled environment consistent with the existing USA and MASS Hockey Guidelines.

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All members of our PYH family, we want to emphasize our mission and core values of our program.  Our program is a strong family program and with the support of our committed members, dedicated coaches and parents, we will continue to grow and be able to provide our children with an incomparable town hockey experience.  Our purpose is to promote the enjoyment of both recreational and competitive benefits of playing youth hockey.  It is our goal to teach the fundamentals of hockey and the fun of playing through education, teamwork, discipline, competition and respect.  For our kids involved in the town youth hockey program, it’s the chance to play alongside their classmates and friends from the community.  We are not a win-at-any cost organization; instead opting to promote fair ice time for all players and to develop personal growth, hard work and sportsmanship. We want every player in our organization to reach his or her full potential both as a player and as a person.

Our success is derived by the commitment of our players, parent volunteers and coaches.  While nurturing an atmosphere of fun and recreation, we also provide the opportunity for achievement at a higher level of play for those involved.  By participating in youth hockey, we believe that our players have an opportunity to be leaders amongst their peers, while learning valuable team lessons that they can apply later in life.  What we value as a program are: Character: How you respond to experiences is key both on and off the ice - Hard Work: It’s the hard work, on the ice, at school, and at home that pays off - Persistence: Each time you fall and pick yourself up, you gain something you didn’t have before - Dreamers: Having a goal is what moves you forward and helps you discover what you can do - Team: You are part of one team, teammates pick each other up, work together, respect one another and support one another, we succeed and we fail as a team -  Family: Our parents, siblings, coaches, and teammates are our back bone (our support).

Remember the main goal of this program is to help our children grow, help them further develop their skating skills, learn the fundamentals of hockey, positioning and game play, help develop the values of team building and bonding and most importantly, to have fun.

If you have any questions, please send an email to or reach out to a current board member. 

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