The objective of Peabody Youth Hockey is to provide to the youth of Peabody the opportunity to learn and play the sport of ice hockey in a safe and controlled environment consistent with the existing USA and MASS Hockey Guidelines.

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USA Hockey Registration FAQ click HERE

USA Hockey Registration?

- All players participating in the Peabody Youth Hockey program, playing at any level, will need to register with USA Hockey

  • Your USA Hockey ID is only valid for the current running season you are registered to
  • The USA Hockey ID expire's at the end of each season

​​​- Everyone (over the age of 6) will pay the USA Hockey registration fee of $40

​​​- Each Player will receive a USA Hockey ID once their registration is complete

  • After completing the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation with your new USA Hockey ID
  • Please forward the email confirm from USA Hockey to the PYH Registrar
    • Your USA Hockey ID needs to be communicated to PYH to be recorded with the Hockey League
  • The USA Hockey ID should also be added as part of the registration process when you registrar your player for the PYH season

Any questions should be directed to