The objective of Peabody Youth Hockey is to provide to the youth of Peabody the opportunity to learn and play the sport of ice hockey in a safe and controlled environment consistent with the existing USA and MASS Hockey Guidelines.

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      Peabody Youth Hockey
    Learn to Skate / Whack "A" Puck 2017/2018

       Session 1: 10 weeks of instruction.   
      Starts Sunday, October 8th.
Time: On - Ice at 5:50 PM to 6:40 PM
Ends Sunday, December 10th.
   $75.00 / 10 weeks instrustruction: Learn to Skate
        $150.00 / 10 weeks instruction: Whack A Puck
     McVann- OKeefe Rink, 511 Lowell Street, Peabody MA.

     Please use the registration form located on the tabs on the left side of the web site and follow the instructions under Learn to Skate / Whack A Puck.
 FAQ: (Learn to Skate)

1) What are the ages?  From age 4 to 10.  This program is for kids who have from no experience to less than a year of experience on the ice.

2) What should my child wear?  Children should wear warm clothes that do not get drenched easily as they will spend a lot of time on the ice.  Also, kids should have gloves at every session and please NO cloth gloves as they get wet fast and stick to the ice.  Also, they should heave a helmet with face mask, elbow pads and knee pads.  No hockey sticks are used at this time.